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The Elsevier Tetrahedron natural Chemistry sequence is a topical sequence of monographs by means of world-renowned scientists in different fields of natural chemistry. The Tetrahedron natural Chemistry sequence has been very winning in offering a number of the absolute best scholarly works in those topical parts that experience confirmed to be of lasting caliber as imperative reference resources. those books have supplied the training researcher, pupil and pupil with a useful resource of accomplished studies in natural chemistry, predominantly within the parts of synthesis and constitution decision, including:

* Reagents
* response mechanisms
* Molecular Diversity
* uneven Synthesis
* Multi-dimensional nmr
* Enzymatic Synthesis
* Organometallic Chemistry
* Biologically vital Molecules

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Under neutral conditions, PQQ trimethyl ester 2 reacts with methanol to give the C5-hemiacetal, the structure of which was established by X-ray analysis. Under acidic conditions, however, reaction with methanol gave the C4-dimethyl acetal, the structure of which was again confirmed by X-ray analysis. Give a mechanistic explanation for these observations. CO2R RO2C / "N" ~ "O O 1, R = H 2,R-Me 42. How Mitomycin C Can Crosslink DNA Mitomycin C, 1, is a potent antitumor antibiotic discovered by Japanese scientists in fermentation cultures of Streptomyces caespitosus.

For example, lithiation of 1,4-dioxene and addition of 2,2,6- trimethylcyclohexanone proceeded normally to give, after dehydration of the initially formed adduct, the expected diene A. Oxidation of A with MCPBA in methanol at 0oc gave B, C14H2404, in 70% yield as a mixture of diastereomers. Low temperature reaction of B with allyltrimethylsilane catalysed by EtA1C12 gave the protected o~-hydroxy ketone 1 in 85% yield. Outline the overall reaction scheme and suggest a mechanism for the conversion of B into 1.

Give mechanisms for the conversion of 1 into 2 and for the formation of 4. , I P(OEt)2 CO 21Vie 3 4 24 Advanced Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms 44. Fulgides" Synthesis and Photochromism Many "fulgides", compounds which undergo facile valence bond tautomerism on irradiation, are of interest in terms of photochromism. One such compound, 5-dicyanomethylene-4- di•yc••pr•py•methy•ene-3-[•-(2•5-dimethy•-3-fury•)ethy•idene]tetrahydr•furan-2-•ne was prepared as a mixture of (E) and (Z) isomers by the following sequence of reactions.

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