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Good answers to the students’ infrequent 32 FINDING A VOICE WHILE LEARNING TO TEACH questions, and basically entertaining was the toughest part for me. The entertainer in me was stressed occasionally by the perception that my audience was bored. Having been a member of a few audiences helped affirm that. This brings me to one of my favourite theories about problems applying to specific people. , etc. While I can appreciate that examples of previous solutions are good things to be aware of, they can never replace the real thing or the actual problem.

I learned a great deal in my first few weeks of teaching. In high school, and especially Grade 9, the students 26 FINDING A VOICE WHILE LEARNING TO TEACH are not as independent as they are in university. High school students need guidance and the teacher’s job is to provide that for them. After that incident, I made sure that my instructions were perfectly clear and everyone knew what they were supposed to do. ***** Another longer passage that focuses on the relationship between homework, quizzes and tests concludes with a reminder that those learning to teach should not set themselves the high standard of ‘getting it right’ the first time.

We all sat down and met as teachers with one student’s parents, and I came away from that meeting with a completely new perspective on what goes on in the life of some children. My main purpose for going was so that I could get a head start on working with this student. ) Although I wanted to form my own opinions of him and give him a clean slate, in a case where there is significant background information that would help me in my working with the students, I want to know. It was smart of me to go to the meeting.

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