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Rst Oldsmobile, was introduced in 1901 and set off the craze to own a car. Madame and Mon­ sieur Curie won the Nobel Prize in physics, and Jack London established his reputation with Call of the Wild. But hardly anyone in the West took note of What Is to Be Done? by a Russian radical who had taken the name Lenin. * * * Marshall lived off his Paris success for four years, during which he received so many European invitations that he became a familiar face on the Continental tournament circuit. If he was to be a professional, these invitations were essential, for there was little chess outside of tourna­ ments and few tournaments outside of Europe.

B x e5 9 Rel This was Rice's idea: to keep his extra piece Black must extricate himself from the e-file pin. The immediate 9 . . Qe7 10 d4 fails to 10 . . B x d4+ but there are many improvements. 9 . . Qe7 10 c3 f3? Since every major line in the Rice Gambit had its own history, this last move, based on an ingenious II . . Ne4, became "Simonson's Defense" after a Manhattan Chess Club librarian named Dr. Gustave Simonson. The vari­ ation was even the issue of a short match between Lasker and Chigorin in the previous year, won by the Russian 3 1/2-21/2, who played Black in every game.

As played, he has to come up with a great thirty-eighth move to avoid loss. 52 FRANK M A R S HA L L After 36 . . g5 37 N x g5? 8 Rgll! B x g5 39 Khl Rg7 40 B x g7 B x h4 41 Bf6+ Kf7 42 B x d8 B x d8 43 Kg2 Bc7 44 f4! Bf5 45 Kg3 Bd6 46 Rel Bd7 47 h4 h5 48 Kf3 Bg4+ 49 Ke4 Kf6 50 a3 Draw Neither side can make progress. With two rounds to go Marshall lead the field by a half point. But Mar6czy won in round nine to tie him, while Marshall benefited from a curious circumstance: 29. Four Knights Game Marco-Marshall, Monte Carlo 1904 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 Bb5 Bc5 5 0-0 0-0 6 N x e5 Nd4 7 Be2 d5!

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